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The History of Nittany Oil Co.


Nittany Oil Company was started in 1958 by Galen Dreibelbis, an aggressive individual seeking to create a customer oriented and reliable heating oil and gasoline supplier in the State College Area.

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    In general there are two types of oil heating systems: hot air and hot water. A hot air furnace forces heated air through ducts to registers or vents. A hot water boiler pumps hot water through baseboard pipes. Either type of system will benefit from an annual cleaning and tune-up. This keeps the system at its optimum efficiency, which in turn, keep your costs down. Always use a professional service company, like Nittany Oil Company, to maintain your system. Here a few helpful tips to read while getting to know your new heating system:

    • The typical home heating oil tank is 275 gallons. However, only 250 gallons of this is useable volume. This means that the tank will never completely run out of oil, but the furnace will not be able to draw the remaining fuel and will stop functioning. Sometimes two tanks are piped together, which provides a usable capacity of 500 gallons.

    • The location of your tank dictates what type a fuel you should use. If your tank is inside your house, usually in the basement, you can use regular heating oil. However, any tank that is outside requires either the kerosene-heating oil blend or straight kerosene to prevent the fuel from gelling.

    • A few residential heating oil tanks are buried underground. They generally have the capacity of 1000 gallons. Underground tanks can use regular heating oil. Also note that only those tanks that are larger than 1,100 gallons are regulated by the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

    • Tanks and heating systems generally have a long life. It is your responsibility to examine your tank, piping, and heating system, and to see that all equipment is properly installed and maintained.

    • Keep in mind that heating your home with oil is unlike heating it with natural gas or electricity, because you are not dealing with a big utility. You own your supply. Therefore, you control when and how much you buy at one time.


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    Unlike large utilities, by using heating oil you have the luxury of controlling your supply of oil. Therefore, you can choose a delivery option that best suits your needs.


    For greatest convenience, we recommend that you choose Automatic Delivery. By means of our sophisticated Degree Day system, we anticipate fuel use and deliver to you whenever it is needed. The Degree Day system uses the temperature outside and your past purchase history to calculate your delivery time. Once your automatic delivery pattern is established, you can live "worry free" in the comfort of your home.


    If you feel comfortable monitoring your own heating oil tank, you may choose to use our will-call delivery system. This option allows you to call into your local office and schedule a delivery. We recommend that you call as when your tank is about ¼ full to ensure that you do not run out of fuel. Also note that:

    • Our minimum fuel delivery is 100 gallons. Delivery under 100 gallons incurs a delivery fee.

    • After hours emergency deliveries are only made at an additional charge.


    At Nittany Oil, we are here to make your home heating payment methods as painless as possible. Therefore, we are confident that we offer a payment method that will suit your needs. As a Nittany Oil customer, you have the option of paying for your fuel before your delivery, at the time of your delivery, or even apply for 30 day credit terms. We also suggest you inquire about our Pre-Buy programs or our Easy Budget Payment program.

    Pre-Buy Program:

    Before every heating season, Nittany Oil offers two different Pre-Buy programs. As a Pre-Buy participant, an individual would purchase his or her heating oil gallons ahead of time and Nittany Oil would hold the gallons until a delivery is needed. For our customer's convenience, we offer two different Pre-Buy prices. One option is to purchase gallons at a capped price, which is our lower price guarantee. This means that if the street price were lower than the capped price on the day of delivery, the customer would be awarded the lower price. We also extend the option of buying fuel at a fixed price. In doing so, no matter how much the price fluctuates throughout the winter, the customer is locked in at the price previously paid. The Pre-Buy season lasts from October 1st- April 30th. Any gallons that were not delivered will turn back into dollars at the end of April. Please call your local office for information about this year's Pre-Buy prices.

    Budget Program:

    You also have the option of paying for your heating oil in 12 easy monthly payments. Our budget program divides your estimated average fuel cost by using our capped price and your past purchase history. All budget customers must be on Automatic Delivery.

    Purchase Discounts:

    All of our customers have the opportunity to take advantage of our Prompt Pay Discount. If you pay for your delivery with cash or a personal check within 10 calendar days, you may deduct 20 cents per gallon from the price on your ticket. We also offer 2 cents off per gallon for Senior Citizens (62 years of age or older) and Veterans. If you are both a Senior Citizen and a Veteran you are eligible for 4 cents off per gallon.


    You can count on our 24 -hour service department to be your solution for all of your heating and cooling needs. For peace of mind all year long, we offer both 24-Hour Service Contracts and Daytime Service Contracts to fit every maintenance budget. If your system needs to be replaced, give us a call for a free estimate. We are confident that our installation crew is both the affordable and efficient team that you are looking for.